SIMPL Book Linode Demo - Tcl/Tk client

The Sudoku puzzle solver engine is written in C and deployed as a SIMPL receiver on the Linode. In this demo this engine is accessed via a Tcl/Tk client via the tclSurrogate TCP/IP protocol.

Getting started

You'll first want to be sure that the Tcl/Tk interpreter and libraries are installed on the workstation you will be using to access this demo. Tcl/Tk is available for free download for Windows, Mac or Linux workstations.

Next you'll want to download the Tcl/Tk Sudoku client from here.

NOTE: If you have a particularly secure firewall which blocks both incoming and outgoing packets, you'll want to have the system admin give you outgoing access for packets destined to 8000.

You can run demo by typing:

wish gui.tcl

A screen similar to this should pop up on your workstation.

Have fun. Hope you enjoy programming the SIMPL way.