SIMPL Book Linode Demos

The Programming the SIMPL Way - Second Edition book contains example code involving a Sudoku puzzle solver. In the examples in the book the Sudoku puzzle solver engine written in C is accessed in several different ways including clients written in Tcl/Tk, Python and JAVA. Some client implementations require the Linux OS with the SIMPL toolkit installed while others can be deployed on Windows, Mac or Linux and don't require the SIMPL toolkit to run.

The SIMPL toolkit has been deployed on a Linode - an online Linux site. The Sudoku engine from the SIMPL book is installed and running. The following demos illustrate three of the Sudoku examples from the book. These demos can be run from any Windows, Mac or Linux workstation with Tcl/Tk and Python installed.

Accessing the Sudoku puzzle engine from web CGI method

Accessing the Sudoku puzzle engine from local Tcl/Tk script

Accessing the Sudoku puzzle engine from local Python script

Have fun. Hope you enjoy programming the SIMPL way.