Free SIMPL Courses

There are several web-based courses which are available for free. The courses are not simply based on the usage of SIMPL, they explore the basics of the languages that the SIMPL libraries are used with. There are a number of entertaining examples within the lessons that illustrate how SIMPL can be used and how it can help with your software project. Given that SIMPL is an LGPL open source project, all code snippets may be freely used or adapted to an individual's needs.

The following list indicates what is currently available and gives a link to a web site that will give you all of the details:

SIMPL Web Courses
Course Name Link
Linux C/C++ and SIMPL SIMPL C/C++
Python/Tk and SIMPL SIMPL Python
Tcl/Tk and SIMPL SIMPL Tcl

A Quick Summary

The Linux C/C++ and SIMPL course teaches the basics of C programming on a Linux-type operating system. The concepts of make files, software version control, bash scripts, the C preprocessor and compiler, the SIMPL C/C++ library are all covered plus a great deal more.

The Python/Tk and SIMPL course teaches the basics of Python programming on a Linux-type operating system. Basic programming ideas and concepts of Python are covered as well as a number of SIMPL messaging examples using the SIMPL Python module. Graphical elements are encountered via the Tk graphical tool kit.

The Tcl/Tk and SIMPL course is very similar to the Python course mentioned above with the notable exception that Tcl is used rather than Python.

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