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What is SIMPL and how is it useful?

SIMPL is in its most basic form a set of software libraries designed to work within the framework of the C/C++, Python, Tcl and Java programming languages. These libraries allow programs written in these languages to communicate with each other by exchanging data messages in a synchronous way. This ability encourages the design of programs that are small, well-defined and encapsulated. This results in a powerful design approach which aids in the management, development, maintenance and understandability of the software programs within a given project.

Sender/Receiver Pictorial Here

SIMPL is also an LGPL open source project that is free of charge and available for download . Being an open source project, you may want to become part of the development team and take SIMPL in new and exciting directions.

Would you like to know more about SIMPL, what it might be able to do for you and whether it is applicable to your needs? If so, then read further at More about SIMPL.

How can I learn how to use SIMPL?

Firstly, there a number of free online courses available. These courses cover such areas as An Introduction to Linux Programming, Python SIMPL and Tcl SIMPL. For more information on these courses take a look at SIMPL Courses.

Secondly, there is a book available that covers all aspects of SIMPL. It is called "Programming the SIMPL Way" by John Collins and Robert Findlay, the two original architects of SIMPL. If you are interested in finding out more about the book then take a look at SIMPL Book.

What is currently being developed in SIMPL?

At present there are a number of sub-projects that are being worked on under the umbrella of the SIMPL open source project. A short list is as follows:

Development of a SIMPL library for the arduino.
Raspberry Pi
Porting of SIMPL libraries for use on the Raspberry Pi.
Running SIMPL libraries on Windows via Cygwin.
Using SIMPL messaging with web-based applications.
Porting SIMPL libraries to work with PHP.

Do you want to know more about any of these concurrent projects? If so, then take a look at Ongoing projects for SIMPL.

How about some fun using SIMPL?

One of the ongoing projects mentioned above is to find ways of using SIMPL in web-based applications. In this case, we are using SIMPL as part of the data conduit between a browser and a server-called CGI program which solves Sudoku puzzles. The browser provides the user interface for entering puzzle numbers and displaying the results.

Give it try! Click on Sudoku Puzzle

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